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Recent 13 Pink Regional News

Please use this link that contains instructions on how to send a message directly to your coach. This will use the message feature in your sports engine app, once you have clicked on your team. 

Link: How to send a message directly to your coach(es)
You will need to click through the slide show presentation. 

If you have questions, please let us know. 

OVR Regional Championship Dates Released!

By Beth 12/28/2020, 6:15pm EST

OVR Championship Dates have been released! Below are the dates. 

This tourney in held at the Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus. This tourney will begin at 8:30AM for each scheduled date. You will need to arrive to your court by 8:00AM at the latest. It does take about 15 minutes from the time to you park and/or leave your hotel to walk to the courts. The convention center is a large place.

We would suggest getting a hotel the night before your scheduled date, as all the teams from the region are participating, which makes for a lot of teams.  Most downtown hotels allow you to remain parked in their lot for the day, even after checking out in the morning of the tourney. 

If you have questions, please ask sooner than later, as hotel rooms go very quickly for this tourney.  You do not have to stay at a specific hotel, it is your family's choice which hotel you would like to stay at. 

Day Date Divisions
Sat 4/17 12 Regional
Sun 4/18 18 Regional
Sun 4/18 17 Regional
Sat 5/1 11 Regional
Sun 5/2 16 American
Sun 5/9 14 American
Sun 5/9 16 Regional
Sat 5/15 15 American
Sun 5/16 13 American
Sat 5/22 13 Regional
Sun 5/23 15 Regional

Setters Training w/ Coach Sydney on Mondays

By Beth 12/06/2020, 9:45am EST

Setters from all teams will train with Coach Sydney either before or after their Skills and Strength practice on Mondays. The schedule is as follows:

15 Pink, 16 Pink, 16 Purple, 17 Purple and 18 Purple - Mondays 6-6:30PM, this is after your teams Skills and Strength Practices

13 Pink, 13 Purple, 14 Pink, 14 Purple, 15 Purple - Mondays 7-7:30PM, this is before your teams Skills and Strength Practices

Since the Monday Skills and Strength practices are on a rotating schedule, you only need to attend on the Mondays that your team is scheduled for Skills and Strength Practices. 

Coaches will reach out via the Sports Engine app by sending a message to the setters on their teams, so they are aware they need to attend. This will be done prior to the start of practices. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Practice Schedule

Practice begins Monday January 4th

Mondays  Skills and Strength 7:30-9PM - rotating schedule
Mondays Setter Training 7:00-7:30PM

Wednesdays 4:30-6PM

Sundays 12:30-2PM

Tournament Schedule

Saturday and Sunday 2/13 and 14  - President's Cup Duke Energy Convention Center Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday 2/27 Gametime Urbana, Ohio

Sunday 3/7 Kids First Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday 3/13 South Metro Dayton, OH

Saturday 4/10 Sports Express Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday 5/22 - Greater Columbus Convention Center - OVR Championships