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Recent 14 Purple Regional News

Tournament 101 Page

By Beth 02/06/2019, 8:15am EST

Please visit our Tournament 101 page under the More+ tab on our webpage. This will give you details to prepare you for a tournament day! 

TriHealth Pavilion Policies

By Beth 01/16/2019, 11:15am EST

1. Our families are not permitted upstairs in the facility. You may watch practice from the windows directly outside the gym doors, the cafe or the chairs outside the meeting rooms. Once the weather turns nice, there is a walking path outside! :) 

2. Our families are not permitted in the locker rooms. We need to use the bathrooms that are by the meeting rooms. The locker rooms are for members only. 

3. Parents are not permitted in the gym during practice times. There just isn't enough space. If you need to speak with a coach, Beth, Erin or Gretchen, please grab us and we'd be happy to speak with you! 

4. Pick up and drop off

               Pick up- You will need to park in the parking lot and wait for your daughter to come out after practice. If you are not comfortable with your daughter walking in the parking lot, then you will need to come in and get them. You cannot park in the circle while waiting for your daughter to come out.  This blocks the entrance to the building. 

                Drop off- You may drop your daughter off in the circle by the front door. You can stop, they can get out and you can continue to pull through. 

Thank you for your cooperation on these matters!


Officiating Information for Players

By Gretchen Niebling 12/14/2018, 2:45pm EST

Simone the Linejudge!

Please review the Officiating information prior to the Officiating clinic on Monday, February 4th. The clinic schedule is as follows: 

4:30-6 PM 15 pink, 15 purple, 16 pink and 16 purple
6-7:30 PM 10 purple, 11 purple,  12 pink and purple with the help of the 17 purple and 18 purple
7:30-9 PM 13 pink, 13 purple, 14 pink and 14 purple 

The girls will be officiating matches while at their tournaments. 

OVR Junior Officiating Information for junior official's certification-

Online Training Courses

You will be able to access the training modules by logging into your  USAV Webpoint account and then going to the USAV Academy. These directions are above, click on the " Online Training Courses" link. 

After April 1, if a team does not have a certified scorer, a coach must fulfill that responsibility. If a team has neither a certified scorer nor a certified second referee, a junior player will work as the second referee, and a coach must be the scorer.

Let us know if you have questions!

Practice Schedule

Practice begins Monday, January 7th. 

Mondays Skills and Strength 7:30-9 PM

Wednesdays Team Practice 7:30-9 PM

Sundays Team Practice 2-3:30 PM