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Private Lessons

Lineshot Volleyball Club offers private lessons! . 

Our coaches focus on the small details specific to the player to help them improve their skills. Improving the player's skills will help the player be a contender at whatever level they are competing at. This is a great way to get one on one attention for the player. 

Private lessons are $60 for an hour lesson for one player,  $45 per player for two players.

Please complete the above Private Lesson Interest form, if you are interested in private lessons. 

Lesson format example

  • agility warm-up including jump rope routine (5 minutes)
  • individual ball control (5 minutes)
  • serving (5 minutes)
  • serve receive passing (platform and footwork) (10 minutes)
  • player specific work (hitting/setting/defense) (10 minutes) 
  • transition work related to the players' position (10 minutes) 
  • serving (5 minutes) 
  • serve receive passing ( 5 minutes)