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TriHealth Pavilion Policies

By Beth, 11/05/23, 10:15AM EST


1. Our players are not permitted in the locker rooms. We need to use the bathrooms that are by the meeting rooms. The locker rooms are for members only. 

2. Pick up and drop off

               Pick up- You will need to park in the parking lot and wait for your daughter to come out after practice. If you are not comfortable with your daughter walking in the parking lot, then you will need to meet her at the door at the main entrance. You may not enter the facility.  You cannot park in the circle while waiting for your daughter to come out.  This blocks the entrance to the building. 

                Drop off- You may drop your daughter off in the circle by the front door. You can stop, they can get out and you can continue to pull through. 

Thank you for your cooperation on these matters!