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Tournament 101 Page

By Beth, 11/08/22, 8:45AM EST


Please visit our Tournament 101 page under the More+ tab on our webpage. This will give you details to prepare you for a tournament day! 

Tournament Information

All tournament information is posted on your team page. 

1. go to your team page

2. click on game schedule

3. click on the location (this is a link) 

This will take you to the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) page with all the needed information for the tournament.  Pools will be posted by Thursday during the week of the tournament. This will determine your pool play schedule. 

Please be at the facility at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. 

The OVR page will also have all the facility's policies regarding food, chair, etc. 

ALL OVR tournament facilities do NOT allow outside food brought into the facility.  If outside food is brought in, the facility can fine the team and/or club. 

Tourneys are an ALL DAY event, you will be there from 7:15AM (or so) til 5-6PM or later. The only exception to this would be Springfest, Presidents cup, Bluegrass, The Talent Showcase and ACES Challenge.These tourneys will run on a wave schedule.