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Why Doesn't Lineshot Offer National Teams?

By Beth, 05/10/23, 9:30AM EDT


As a club, we want all of our teams to be successful. We plan for a certain number and level of teams, however, based on the talent at tryouts we determine what level each team should play for the season. The American division was created in the OVR to increase competition in all 3 levels of play; the top regional teams and lower national teams would come together to form the American division, thus allowing all 3 levels to remain competitive. 

Our American teams finish in the top of their division each year and are very competitive and successful. We could make the decision to move them to National, however, labeling a team as National does not change their level of play. Our American Plus and American teams attend many of the same larger tournaments that National teams attend (Presidents Cup, Aces Challenge, Asics Navy Pier Nationals, etc…) as these tournaments all have multiple levels of play. Saying a team is National, but playing them in the same division we would play our American teams, does not make sense and does not seem right. 

We are not opposed to offering a National team. If we have a team that we feel can truly be successful at the appropriate national level (a higher level of play than our American Plus and American teams), we would certainly consider fielding a National level team. Fielding and playing on a National level team is a large commitment of both time and money, and we want to ensure our players and families have the best experience possible.